What is Soullifting?

Things happen very quickly in our lives. We are overloaded daily with information and emotions that we are not immediately able to solve. This leads to stress, disorientation and wrong decisions.

Soullifting is a psychological orientation tool. In a short time (from one to five meetings) you will get insight into your situation and equip yourself with techniques to cope with stress and improve decision making.

Let me inspire you through my experiences in technikal and psychological fields. You can have control of your life with the following


  • keeping young and healthy through avoiding loneliness, exhaustion, depression, stress, burn-out etc
  • increasing your motivation and inner energy
  • using your personal potential in a focused way
  • winning your own rational-emotional balance
  • creating a harmonious private and productive business environment

I will discreetly and respectfully engage you in a confidential dialog relating to both your personal and professional situation.

You will receive

  • active interest and attention
  • professional listening
  • understanding without judgment
  • constructive feedback
  • techniques for your specific situation

I look forward to hearing from you.